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Nepal: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal


Honest and Open: BELIEVABLE will understand your recruitment needs and challenges to provide you with customized recommendations to assist you with the recruitment process.

Approachable: BELIEVABLE is always available and happy to answer questions you may have about recruitment and employment issues. Just ask us, because we will take the time to reply to your queries straightforward and up to the point attitude.

Ethical and Fair: BELIEVABLE focuses on providing a fair service that ensures we take an ethical approach to recruitment.

Committed:BELIEVABLE is committed to developing long-term business relationships that offers real value for our clients and deliver effective recruitment solutions for success.

Our Reputation: We are very proud of the excellent reputation we have gained through the provision of a first-class recruitment service provided to both our clients and job seekers. This is the foundation of the service we offer and are committed to the continuation of this level of professionalism.